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I was playing around last night, and found that it is quite possible to play music through the HSP/HFP profile. Using settings in blueman and pavucontrol, I reconfigured my device as a Headset, then used pulseaudio to route to the headset.

It works, after a fashion. The audio quality is not great, it's telephony. Monaural only, low fidelity audio. It might sound better on a single-ear device, and not a pair of stereo headphones (mine, Japanese page).

Anyway, I'll give you more detail later if you need it:
1. Activate your paired bluetooth headset.
2. Use blueman to select the "Headset Service" profile (this should happen automatically, but there is a bug.
3. In pavucontrol (or "Sound Settings" may suffice) to connect to the HSP/HFP Device.
4. Set this device for output.
5. Later, when you dissconnect the device, pulseaudio will automatically return audio control to your default speakers (that part works!).

You have to do it all over again, each time.
In pavucontrol they show up and the configuration tab says, "Headset Profile: Telephony Duplex." Though I don't know how to set the headset to be output or input in pavucontrol. I see a button to set as fallback, but I don't know what that means.