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Thread: My On Screen Keyboard crashed

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    My On Screen Keyboard crashed

    Unbuntu 12.04 LTS Onscreen Keyboard crashed

    Ok, I was playing with the onsceen keyboard preferences, I clicked turn on keyboard scanning (Not even sure what that is) and then the onsceen disappeared.

    Now I can't get it back.

    When I go in to Universal access, and toggle the Onscreen to off and then back on, it appears for a second and then disappears.

    I think I just need to turn of the Keyboard scanning that I turned on, but I can't get it to stay open long enough to do that.

    Is there a way to do it from the command line, or reset it back to default settings.

    I mean I don't really need the Onscreen Keyboard, but I don't like that I messed it up either.

    So if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

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    Re: My On Screen Keyboard crashed

    Is the package that provides this the matchbox-keyboard?

    If so have a search for a config file, probably hidden, for that and delete it. It will then make a new version of that file next time you open it.
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    Re: My On Screen Keyboard crashed

    I don't know what package provides it, its under Universal Access...What would the config file be called?


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