hi guys,

we got 3 computers in our network. 2 are ubuntu 12.04 and the other a windows7.

we have a printer installed on one of the ubuntu computer and had the printer shared over the network.

we have tested the printer to work on the computer it is plugged into. then tried printing with the windows 7. all worked fine.
the problem now is the ubuntu to ubuntu network printing for the printing job is queued and the status says printer idle, 1 11% completed but nothing is printed no matter how long the time passed.

the printer server also has some of its files shared and can be retrieved by any client fine such as pdf and doc and ods.

our setup are as follows:
-printer server: ubuntu 12.04 (latest update at 2aug2012)
--printer: epson stylus tx300f - shared
-client1: windows7 (laptop)
-client2: ubuntu 12.04 (latest update at 2aug2012)

(i am working on a way to print documents directly from an android tablet as well. that will be our client3 if ever that is possible.)