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Thread: How to disable specific API on Chromium?

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    Question How to disable specific API on Chromium?


    When I load a page and it use Adobe Flash and the page want to get the voice from user, Adobe Flash asks me if I want to enable voice API.

    But on google's official english page we can search by voice. When google use the voice, Chromium does not asks anything.

    I use also 10 enabled extensions.

    We are using open source web browsers. How can I disable (with extension, trick or something) specific functions (APIs) for extensions also for the pages that we load.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: How to disable specific API on Chromium?

    APIs are built into the program. You can't disable them unless the program gives you the option to.

    Check your adobe settings or your chromium content settings. They may provide an option.


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