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Thread: Problems connecting with British Telecom

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    Problems connecting with British Telecom

    I have a baffling wifi issue that cropped up with a recent update. The British Telecom wireless hub now refuses to connect with my built in broadcomm card on the samsung rv511 either with or without the restricted drivers. Weirdly, it works fine everywhere else. Even more weirdly, the live CD connects to the British Telecom hub without the slightest argument. But if you install ubuntu, no amount of coaxing seems to have any effect and it resolutely fails to connect.

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    Re: Problems connecting with British Telecom

    Post moved to own thread.

    I have moved your post to its own thread. Please do not hijack other threads; it is confusing, dilutes community effort and is unfair to the OP. Your issue is not related to the thread you posted on. Start new threads for your issues rather than jumping on unrelated existing ones. Thanks.

    You can change the thread title by editing the first post and clicking 'Go Advanced'. If you have any probs with this let me know and I can change it for you if you want. Good luck.


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