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Thread: LT2P IPsec fails to connect to VPN

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    LT2P IPsec fails to connect to VPN

    I am trying to set up a VPN access to an office router from home. I am using DGN220 Netgear router and set it up as a VPN gateway for a single remote PC. I have a remote access to the router from home so I am doing it remotely. However, when I am trying to connect using LT2P IPsec from my home laptop it fails.

    First of all, I configured the first page of the client (IPsec tab) see the screenshot and when I try to connect it asks me for a passphrase but I did not set up any passphrase only a p re-shared key. So I wonder if I did anything wrong? There is no option in the router to add a passphrase. I would really appreciate any help.
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