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Thread: Flash-Aid for Chrome

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    Flash-Aid for Chrome

    Okay, I use Ubuntu 10.04 and I've customized it to my liking, it works with my ipod for images and videos and it's up to date and has everything I need. What I'm looking for now is I had to move from Chrome to Firefox because Chrome had difficulties with flash content like Youtube, the videos froze and I didn't know how come.

    I herd and tried Flash-Aid application on firefox and now content for the most part (Not runescape) runs well but I feel Chrome would run better on my computer even if I don't like Google. What is a application similar to Flash-aid that can help solve my problem.

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    Re: Flash-Aid for Chrome

    If you type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar you can disable/enable e.g. PPAPI or NPAPI Flash Players. Pepper Flash Player is part of Google Chrome.

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