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Thread: After 12.04 install case fans never run.

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    After 12.04 install case fans never run.

    So I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and now my case fans never run, even when booted into Windows 7. The only fans that ever come on are fans directly attached to a device (i.e. cpu/gpu/psu). Anything on a molex connector never spins up. Has anyone seen this? I've tried reseting my bios to defaults but that didn't do anything. I guess grub is the only common denominator between Linux/Windows? My case fans used to come on the second I hit the power on, though, which is pre grub.

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    Re: After 12.04 install case fans never run.

    Where are your case fans plugged in on the computer? You said "molex" which I would take to mean plugged directly into the power supply, therefore running at a constant speed not controlled by the computer at all: always on while the computer is on, at the same speed.

    Did you mean they are plugged into the motherboard?

    Are the fans on while you are in BIOS Setup? If they aren't then the operating system has nothing to do with them being on or off.

    There are sometimes case fan control settings in the BIOS Setup. Did you play with those settings? Change a "Smart Fan Control" setting or something?

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