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Thread: Excessive HDD Usage After Hibernating

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    Excessive HDD Usage After Hibernating

    Hi, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on an HP netbook and sometimes when I wake the computer up from hibernate, the hard drive makes a loud noise (probably just the reader thing moving backwards and forwards very rapidly) and the graphs at the top of my screen show that pretty much constantly, the hard drive is being written to at 500kB/s. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Any help is appreciated as I find the hibernate function to be very helpful so I can get straight back to what I was doing before but having it constantly writing to the hard drive slows things down. As I am typing this it as now started reading from the hard drive at about 500kB/s as well.

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    Re: Excessive HDD Usage After Hibernating

    Can you run Disk Utility, click on the hard drive, look for Smart Status on the right side of the screen. Your hard drive might be failing.

    Does Suspend not work on your computer?

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