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Thread: Win 7 64 host Ubuntu 12.04 32 guest

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    Win 7 64 host Ubuntu 12.04 32 guest

    When running seamless mode, there is no way to launch anything. Nothing to see nothing, to do with the guest (Ubuntu). What am I missing?

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    Re: Win 7 64 host Ubuntu 12.04 32 guest

    Guest additions installed?
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    Re: Win 7 64 host Ubuntu 12.04 32 guest

    I have the same problem. The two menu bars (the taskbar on top and the launcher bar on the left) do not appear.

    If I open a windows first (in the guest), the window will stay when switching to seamless mode.
    Unfortunately it also has a small border around it with the Ubuntu background and will cause graphical bugs in the underlying Windows windows.

    Guest additions are correctly installed, correct version compiled from iso.


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