I have a problem with the Pulseaudio multiband equalizer: the volume sets at maximum volume when I change the presets (e.g. to the Live equalizer settings). If I am playing something (Rhythmbox, ...), it suddenly starts blasting from the speakers at maximum volume.

This is a relatively new problem - perhaps due to a kernel update?? I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit.

Perhaps related (?): my new Rii wireless (RF) mini-keyboard multimedia volume up/down keys often jump to maximum / minimum volume, when I try to incrementally increase/decrease the volume, respectively. Again, if I am trying to just bump up the volume a bit, it's quite disconcerting to have the speakers all of a sudden blasting at maximum volume (I'm an apartment dweller: concerns re: neighbors, etc.).

Both isses are highly annoying, to say the least.

Any suggestions? Thanks ...