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Thread: Applications Open Multiple instances

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    Applications Open Multiple instances

    I have a clean install, about a week old, of 12.04 that's until now run fine.

    I installed a second monitor today and in the process of stumbling through nvidia something odd began to happen:

    Each time I open an application, it opens three times.

    Click on Firefox -- three Firefoxes.

    Click on Rhythmbox -- three Rhythmboxes.


    I'm sure I did something stupid, but I have no clue what it might be.


    - nr

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    UPDATE: Applications Open Multiple instances

    On a closer look, I see that applications are not opening three different *instances.*

    They're opening three *icons* in the lower panel.

    I can minimize or maximize or close an application from any of the three icons and all the rest go away.

    So, it's mostly annoying, I guess.

    But it's *really* annoying.


    -- nr


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