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Thread: Problem with Ubuntu-studio Setup

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    Exclamation Problem with Ubuntu-studio Setup

    Morning Guys

    I'm all new about Linux, Ubuntu and all this OS stuff, and I like it, but I got some problems and It's getting Hard to solve then.

    I'm a Design and Multimedia Production Student, And all my way there I worked with Software Like Adobe and AutoDesk Stuff, and yet, with Microsoft Windows and Office as well.

    Now i'm trying to get an experience with Linux and some friends suggested me to try the Ubuntu Studio, a more experienced Friend suggest me too the LXDE Interface, and searching I find that it's called "Lubuntu".

    But I'm trying too the beta for Windows 8, and my intention was to partition My HD in 4 parts

    500 Gb

    /sd0 - Windows 8 (NTFS)50 Gb
    /sd1 - Ubuntu Studio 50 Gb
    /sd2 - Swap 20 Gb
    /sd3 - Storage (FAT)380 Gb

    My problems here are:

    1º - I have downloaded the .Iso file from from torrent, the 12.04 Version, when I try it he works, but when a try to install It Don't work, neither by wubi.exe with the DVD-R opened in windows, or by boot by the DVD running reseting the computer. All the tutorials that I find Talk about Installing by default way (the first option where you install just linux in just one partition and overwrite all) This is the correct and only way? Or what kind of file system is the default? I'm Trying to use the "Journaling" ext4, but I'm not sure if it's correct or if it's the default option, but I try oders (ext3, ext2, Reiser) and got the same result, with or without swap area, the next step setup stop working.

    2º - I searched for another solution and downloaded Ubuntu Studio 11.04 and this time the setup worked, but when I start working some functions are all missworking, some function like "explorer.exe in windows" for exemple just don't work, I can't install updates neither and some times the system stop, one more time with or without swap area

    3º - So I have Installed Lubuntu and it worked well, I didn't noticed problems like this, But just the Lubuntu don't work with my needs I need the packages containing the softwares, and When I try to burn the lubuntu Image Again to reinstall again after a try with Ubuntu Studio, this image didn't worked too, but I'm getting this problem only with the Linux Burned CDs (using Windows Burn App and DVD Decrypter in this experiences), is there expecifys about burning linux images or some stuff like that? I ways burn my Medias with with the lower speed that I can and following the defaults of the .Iso Is there something wrong with this way?

    So, to be direcly

    1º - Is it possible to Use Windows and Linux this way?
    2º - Is it possible that my computer system is obsolete to work with Ubuntu-Studio? (I'll place the configuration after this questions)
    3º - Witch File system is the recommended for the installation process
    4º - If I install an older Ubuntu-studio, I can update his version by software (not needing to boot)?
    5º - If I install LXDE Ubuntu, I can turn it into Ubuntu studio with packages?
    6º - Or if Install Ubuntu-Studio, i can attach the LXDE system for him?

    I'm being totally boring here, but I'm trying alone for about a week and the problems still annoying, if somebody could help I would thank so much.

    I'm at work now and can't confirm my exactly hardware description. This way I'll give a all resumed info.

    Motherboard ASUS P5G41T-LX (Or a like of this series. I'm not Sure)
    Intel Dual-Core 2.8
    RAM 2 Gb DDR 3
    HD Samsung 500Gb


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    Cool Re: Problem with Ubuntu-studio Setup

    Didn't know that I have to format the Thread Title, but don't want to re-post and flood the forum, somebody please help here.

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    Re: Problem with Ubuntu-studio Setup


    I'm in the same situation with a light variation:

    I want to install Ubuntu AND Ubuntu Studio, but i'm unable to do it.
    Anyone has a guess about format and mounting points, etc?

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