Hello--high tech savvy user here but relatively new to linux and ubuntu. I'm using VCXSRV, version (the latest version as of yesterday) to do remote login (remote desktop) from a Windows 7 laptop to a Ubuntu 12.04 workstation using a VPN connection using XDMCP. Connection is functional, the desktop appears, and I can see desktop icons of my ubuntu workstation remotely on my laptop. However, the top line of the ubuntu desktop and the left side of the ubuntu desktop are absent--these are the places where you control everything. They just appear as black bars on the remote desktop window. However, if you click the mouse over the top black bar in the upper-right corner, where the time would normally display, a calendar does appear. It's almost as though top line of the ubuntu desktop is there, its just not displaying. The left side of the desktop, however, is not there at all (clicking in that region does nothing).