hello everyone,
on my xubuntu 11.10 installation i have been trying out other desktop/file-managers but none of them (not even nautilus which i installed only to see how it handles the desktop) displays icons for drives and devices on my desktop. only xfdesktop does that.
i'm talking about icons for external hd's, usb devices and cd drive and sometimes also "file system" or "computer".

i think i'm missing something obvious here, because all file managers i use display these icons on the left hand pane and afaik they all get auto-mounted.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance.

further explanation (you don't have to read this):

basically nothing wrong with xfdesktop but i can't get it to open folders/drives with a file manager of my choice. it always uses thunar, even if i have symbolic links named "thunar" linking to my favorite file manager. at the moment i like pcmanfm and spacefm.

also, it seems quite a few people confuse "displaying desktop icons" with "displaying drives and removable devices on the desktop" - i just want to point out that i'm talking about the latter.