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Thread: Continually restored on reboot - help!

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    Unhappy Continually restored on reboot - help!

    Hi guys,

    I'm really stuck with a problem I've had since upgrading to 12.04 a few days ago. It happened 2 days after I upgraded.

    Every time I reboot I'm restored to the same point from a few days ago. All changes, downloads, installations etc are gone. It even restores my history in chrome back to the same point. If I rename a file and move it, it will reappear in the original directory under the original name after a reboot.

    Had a search around but couldn't find an issue like mine. I'm totally stuck and relatively new to Linux - is there any help/pointers you chaps could give me?


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    Re: Continually restored on reboot - help!

    That's an awesome feature. How do I enable it on my ubuntu 12?

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