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Thread: Canonical should acquire Resara.

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    Re: Canonical should acquire Resara.

    He can always sell his jet.

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    Lightbulb Re: Canonical should acquire Resara.

    Umm... I think this thread has wandered away from the original subject....

    Anyways: Resara... Nice technology. I used it on a test project a while back, and today... I'm finding myself re-implementing it... because to date... I've found nothing better in the way of competing directly against Active Directory (while maintaining things as purely OSS).

    While I don't advise Canonical to purchase Resara (the company's intellectual properties), I do advise that Canonical should investigate the possibility of absorbing the Resara source code into Ubuntu, or at the least, assist in refining Resara's source code for the benefit of the entire Linux community. Really, the right people to get behind that idea would be the Samba Team. If the Samba Team made the Resara source code part of the base Samba4 distribution, it would ease deployment all the way around on every platform that uses Samba, and that would carry the greatest benefit of all.

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    Re: Canonical should acquire Resara.

    ^Do you have a source for him not saying that?

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