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Thread: VLC Jack 10.04 no Jack connection

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    Smile VLC Jack 10.04 no Jack connection

    Hello everyone, I'm running ubuntu 10.04 LTS and I've installed the vlc-plugin-jack package, yet vlc doesn't show up in the jack connections in my running qjackctl.
    I need to run qjackctl as root (gksudo) in order for it to start so I can use programs with it like rakarrack, which connect to it fine. I do, however, run rakarrack as root aswell. What troubles me is that when I try to run vlc as sudo'ed, it shoots me an error. What should I do? Thanks!

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    Re: VLC Jack 10.04 no Jack connection

    Same problem for me on 12.04. In the audio output options jack doesn't even show up and --jack-auto-connect doesn't help either. Any hints? :/

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