I am a new user who recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 to my old Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop. I have been able to get most of the installation working fine but I have an audio problem I cannot figure out or find an answer to. Any audio from the laptop is garbled - it kind of sounds like the speaker is playing underwater. This occurs using the built-in speakers or headphones and seems to occur no matter the source of the audio; Rhythmbox, Youtube, etc. If there are no windows open the audio sounds great, however, as soon as a browser or terminal is opened or the mouse is hovered over the row of quick launch iconsthe problem occurs. When a web page is open, hovering on and off of links does the same thing. Additionally, when increasing or decreasing volume using the computer's hot buttons the audio increases on first the left speaker and then begins to increase on the right speaker once the volume is halfway up. Only when the volume is 100% do both speakers have equal volume. Does anyone know what could be causing these issues?