Hello Good people

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have been experiencing some performance issues when Chromium is running my computer runs very slow and freezing for seconds or minutes at a time. I have a Dell Latitude XT with 1.6GB of RAM available to the Ubuntu 64bit 12.04/12.10, cpu is dual core, Intel Core2 Duo running at 800MHz to 1200MHz. Issues occurs in all ubuntu versions.

When I renice chromiums instances to nice 1 the computer is stable again and everything works smoothly Chromium included.

So my question/suggestion to you guys is : Is there a way I can make chromium run on nice value 1 from the time I load the application, since when I manually renice it it runs smoothly. My hardware spec is pretty standard so I think its reasonable to tone down Chromuim resource appetite by a notch.