I love my Lemur Ultra, but I have a tiny annoyance that I just noticed.
For some reason, whenever I shutdown, a little noise happens. It could be a pop, or static similar to when a computer is on, the speakers are on, and you forget they are both on when you plug the speakers into the computer. The sound varies for no specific reason, so any audio sample would be unreplicatable. This sound doesn't happen if I have to crash the computer (I think the reason I had to crash it is because of Chrome-it froze if I launched it 5 seconds or less after reaching the desktop, and I decided to wait awhile after the second time it happened.).
This is just a minor annoyance, but I remember my old desktop speakers had to be turned on after the computer or else you would hear a loud bang, and I don't want to have to put up with that on this computer.
Why is this?