have been runnin linux on a old presario v5000 laptopfor a while now. (7-8 months).
really diggin it, i have some mouse problems, and the touchpad is kinda a b!tch, but small price to pay for no virus and no beholding to The Man.

my problem is that the hardrive is gettin ready to take a dump. i get a big crazy warnnig on log in. i will postthe deets on that if its relevant. so, most of my documents etc are on the windows side of the partition,

question is what is the best way to back up that data from the windows side (and the ubuntu side) if i feel its corrupt? my documents shouldnt be, but i had a bad virus(?) that slowed mozilla to a crawl and would allow downloading....

i was thikning google documents, but i was being little paranoid aboot privacy, do i need to be? thanks