thanks to a typo I made in dd, I messed up my secondary drive. Did all the checks, the drive is fine; but restoring my data from a Deja Dup Backup turns out to be more problematic. I have just recently switched to Ubuntu from a Mac - worth the switch in nearly every aspect - but I apparently haven't yet mastered all the intricacies.

It all begins fine, but after about eight hours in Deja Dup reports a lack of space on the target drive when there's still >400GB available there, and approx. 80GB on the primary drive. It seems to have restored most (music, approx. 240GB), but not all (e.g., my virtual boxes). Can anyone tell me how to proceed with a larger chance of success?

For good measure, my setup: a Lenoto T420 with an SSD (105G) as primary and a 750G WD drive as secondary drives. Backup is on an external 2TB drive. Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

Thanks in advance, people.