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Thread: Gazelle dual monitors with AOC F22s

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    Question Gazelle dual monitors with AOC F22s

    I'm thinking of buying a Gazelle Professional but the video setup worries me. I have an old inspiron 1520 running ubuntu 11.04 which dies when I try to use dual monitors with my AOC F22s. So, to the question: what kind of behavior can I expect from using a Gazelle Professional with dual monitors at 1920x1080?

    Note: this is a developer computer running eclipse, some emulators, a virtual machine, some youtube on the background, not game intensive, not video intensive.


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    Re: Gazelle dual monitors with AOC F22s

    You won't have any problems running an external monitor on a Gazelle, but it's not possible to use two external monitors, due to a graphics card limitation. That said, the native resolution of the Gazelle is 1920x1080, so you could simply use that as one of your monitors.
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    Re: Gazelle dual monitors with AOC F22s

    I currently have this set up with my Gazelle here at work, but it is very problematic. I have two AOC monitors attached to the laptop, one via HDMI and the other via VGA. My intent is to use only the two external monitors for dual display except for times when I need to take my laptop home.

    The problem is, if I power on the laptop and quickly close the lid with both monitors connected, I get a blank screen and it won't boot to the desktop.

    If I unplug the VGA cable from the laptop, power it on, and quickly close the lid I will get my desktop on the HDMI monitor. Once the desktop is visible I can plug in my VGA monitor and it will come up as well. Ubuntu always throws a bunch of system errors (see attached image) shortly after this though and compiz crashes and has to be relaunched. After closing out all the error messages and relaunching compiz the system typically works fine for about 5-10 minutes. At this point the desktop freaks out and moves all of my windows to the upper left desktop even though they were spread across multiple desktops. After re-arranging my windows everything works great for the rest of the day.

    This seems like a lot of hoops to jump through everyday just to have a dual monitor set up. Is there any way I can fix this issue?

    Thank you in advance!
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