I changed the passwords on my Yahoo! account, so I needed to use the new passwords with Empathy. At first it was a minor nuisance - I had to type in the password each time, and Empathy would forget it by the next time around, despite my choosing "remember password" each time.

I posted a bug report to this effect on launchpad. Someone there suggested I should go into System > Preferences > "Passwords and Encryption Keys" and delete my Empathy passwords from there. I was concerned, and wasn't able to delete them anyway, but manually corrected them.

Empathy hasn't been able to log in since. I've rebooted and everything. I would like to know how to fix this. There are two sets of password info:

One set named:

account: haze/yahoo/[account name]; param: param-password

And another set named:

IM account password for [account name] (haze/yahoo/[account name])