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Thread: Netgear 0846:9011 driver question

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    Netgear 0846:9011 driver question

    I have gotten my Netgear N600 wireless dongle working perfectly under Linux, but I had one lingering question that I hope someone can help me with.

    To get the device working, I used a driver that I found online which contains the 64-bit driver for my device. However, I am wondering how safe this driver is.

    Below is a direct link to the driver I am using, and I was just wondering if anyone could help me determine the integrity of this file to ensure it is safe.

    I can't seem to find any "official" sources with the driver to verify it by hash. However, maybe someone here knows a driver that would work for my device from an official source.

    I have tried using the driver from the devices CD. I install it in a Windows partition, fetch the drivers, but they don't seem to work right. They install fine under ndiswrapper, and the module loads correctly, but the device just does not respond. Using the linked drivers I found online, the device works flawlessly.


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    Re: Netgear 0846:9011 driver question

    It is the same .inf file that is floating around. I have two other identical copies I've downloaded to help others here. It looks as safe as any others.
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