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Thread: glc-play won't play - "invalid argument" error

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    glc-play won't play - "invalid argument" error

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.

    I want to capture some video from a game. From what I found, glc is the way to go, and all the instructions and tutorials I've read are pretty much the same. Real simple.

    So, I installed the latest version, and tried it on Nexuiz to keep things simple.

    glc-capture /usr/games/nexuiz

    I ran that command, started the game, hit SHIFT+F8, played for a minute or two, hit SHIFT+F8, and exited the game. Got a file called "darkplaces-21827-0.glc" that looks to be over 800MB in size! I just want to see if the video works, so I typed in:

    glc-play darkplaces-21827-0.glc

    This is the entirety of the output I got:

    [ 0.49s glc_thread error ] Invalid argument (22)
    [ 0.49s rgb error ] Invalid argument (22)
    [ 0.49s glc_thread error ] Invalid argument (22)
    [ 0.49s glc_thread error ] Invalid argument (22)
    [ 0.49s scale error ] Invalid argument (22)
    [ 0.50s color error ] Invalid argument (22)

    I tried this same procedure with a windows game run through PlayOnLinux, and got the exact same results - large glc file and error in glc-play. I also tried using PlayOnLinux's "Capture" plugin (which uses glc), and got absolutely no response from that whatsoever - i.e. no capture file that I could find.

    I can't seem to get this simple process to work! Any ideas? Suggestions? Help??

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    Re: glc-play won't play - "invalid argument" error

    I have not tried glc; I do not find it in the repositories.

    I have found Record My Desktop to work well. I suggest you try it. You may need to experiment with the performance settings, depending on your hardware.

    You could also try Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder, but I have not tested it.
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