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Thread: Flash / Shockwave problem

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    Flash / Shockwave problem


    I have recently run into a problem when I tried to upgrade my nephew's computer. The computer was originally one that I had built for myself back in 2002 / 2003 and was originally set up with XP. Recently I've converted from the Window's world to Linux so I'm still pretty much a newbie with Linux / Ubuntu. And until this last install I've had no issues with Ubuntu (also recently converting my parents computer and 2 of mine from Windows over.

    But now I installed Ubuntu 12.04 (which I also use on all the other computers) on the computer in question: Abit KR7A motherboard AMD Athalon 2.2mhz processor, 2 gig ram (DDR400) and a 120gig hard drive and video card (don't remember which one it is). The intialy installation was a bit of a pain because Window's had bogged down the computer considerably but I got past that. Although, now it won't open any flash based applications, video or a flash based reading website my nephew uses for school (thats the important part). I even downloaded Chrome and when I open YouTube or any flash site I get an error message Shockwave stopped working" so its not just a Firefox / Flash issue.

    I've done some google searching and the closest answer I found was this

    but it is for a different Ubuntu (I'm not sure if that matters).

    Is there anyone who has been able to get past this problem? And if so can you give me a very explicit dumbed down "terminal commands for idiots" explination. I will have to explain how to get through the fix over the phone and will have to transmit the information as easily as possible.

    Also is gnash a viable option?

    I apologize for the extremely long post but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Flash / Shockwave problem

    I have same problem with my 32-bit PCs that have nVidia graphics (note problem does not occur with Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit on my new PCs). For example, I have an emachines T-3265 with AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+ CPU, 2 GB RAM, and nVidia GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU AGP 4X graphics. What is the solution to this problem? Will a solution be implemented in next release of Ubuntu?



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