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Thread: HOWTO: Virtual PC, Ntlmaps and IIS Proxy

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    HOWTO: Virtual PC, Ntlmaps and IIS Proxy

    Preamble: Although I run Ubuntu Warty at home, at work I am forced to use Windows XP and access the internet the a MS IIS Proxy Server. But I really wanted to be able to use Ubuntu Hoary at work.

    Q: How to install and test Ubuntu Hoary on Windows XP with internet access through a MS IIS Proxy Server.

    A: Use MS Virtual PC 2004, Ubuntu Hoary CD Preview and Ntlmaps

    (I didn't have the funds to buy to VMWare which I would have preferred to configure, but did have access to MS Virtual PC 2004).

    Install MS Virtual PC 2004. Start-up MS Virtual PC 2004 (I used most default settings).

    Pop-in the Ubuntu Hoary Preview CD and watch it install very slowly (I didn't have any dramas with the install - but your mileage may vary depending on your hardware, etc).

    Starup Ubuntu Hoary.

    Enable Ethernet Connection (eth0) under Desktop-Administration->Networking.

    Start-up Firefox and select Edit->Preferences->General->Connection Settings.

    - Use Manual Proxy Configuration, or Automatic Proxy Url (if unsure just copy the settings in MS IE under Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings) as Firefox 'understands' the MS NTLM protocol.

    Download Ntlmaps from (I used the ntlmaps-0.9.9.tar.gz).

    Unpack the tar file and locate the server configuration file (server.cfg).

    Modify the following server.cfg settings:
    LISTEN_PORT: 5865 // This is the default listen port
    PARENT_PROXY: msiisproxy // if DNS correctly configure in eth0, otherwise proxy IP
    PARENT_PROXY_PORT: 8080 // Default (for MS IIS)

    NT_HOSTNAME: myworkstation // The name of your workstation ControlPanel-System->Computer Name in Windows XP
    NT_DOMAIN: mywindowsDomain // Name of windows domain
    USER: mywindowsusername // Windows logon user name
    PASSWORD: mywindowspassword // Windows password
    LM_PART: 1 // Windows 95/98 NTLM compatibility
    NT_PART: 0 // Windows NT NTLM compatibility
    NTLM_TO_BASIC: 0 // Convert NTLM to basic authentication
    Save the server.cfg file, open a command prompt and start Ntlmaps
    Startup up firefox and select Edit->Preferences->General->Connection Settings.
    - Manual proxy configuration
    - Use the same proxy for all protocols // (Check this option)
    HTTP Proxy: Port 5865
    SSL Proxy: Port 5865
    FTP Proxy: Port 5865
    Gopher Proxy: Port 5865
    Edit Apt.conf and add the following lines:
    // HTTP method configuration
    Proxy "";
    // FTP method configuration
    Proxy "";
    Alternatively, you can use the export http_proxy command to set the Ntlmaps proxy.


    Edit Settings->Preferences->Network
    Manual Proxy Configuration
    HTTP Proxy Port 5865
    FTP Proxy Port5865
    And surf and update Unbuntu from deep in the heart of Borg mothership!

    Dr.ed locks
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    Re: HOWTO: Virtual PC, Ntlmaps and IIS Proxy

    You sir... are a god

    I been fannying around with ubuntus appalling proxy options and configurations for days....

    Then I tried one last slightly different search of the forums and voila.

    Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks seeing as noone else has

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    Re: HOWTO: Virtual PC, Ntlmaps and IIS Proxy

    Just for the people who don't know how to use http_proxy:

    export http_proxy=

    Don't sudo the export command.



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    Re: HOWTO: Virtual PC, Ntlmaps and IIS Proxy

    NTLM is an http proxy server. would it be work with ftp also????
    i think it was failed when i tried to connect to an ftp server using this tool ( i m currently also behind ISA server using ntlm to connect to internet do not access to ftp or socks, messenger is not working). socks via http a tool which supports NTLM proxy server also but i could not configure its client file.
    some can guide me in this regard????/
    to configure it with NTLM proxy server???????
    this progarm is too old and the official website is also over and i think there would be no support email address also now.


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