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Thread: best VNC server - opinions

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    best VNC server - opinions

    Hello Forum,

    I hope this is an acceptable location for this thread.

    I am curious of the forums opinions for the "best" vnc server for ubuntu 10.10 gnome desktop.

    My requirements are:

    RELIABLE ( highest priority )
    connect remotely to display :0 ( the real physical desktop, not 1 )
    connect remotely to display :1 ( the non real desktop )
    of course security
    have a view only password just for monitoring

    I know there are MANY options out there, I have already seen issues with vino and X11vnc and tightvncserver. I am willing to try these again as I might have botched the set up. Here is a forum I started with some issues I saw with the above vnc servers:

    Many Thanks for future responses!!!

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    Re: best VNC server - opinions

    So there dosent seem to be as many options as I thought. Here is a link that lists all of the VNC servers. ( At least I think it is all of them )

    I really like the tightvncserver but I would like the choice of actually sharing the remote screen ( so the displays are identical ) and the choice to create a new X screen that is separate. Has anyone successfully and reliably done this before?

    I will keep looking into a solution that fits my needs. I will post updates.


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