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Thread: Should installation trigger association

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    Should installation trigger association

    Please forgive me if this has been discussed before.

    Since installing 12.4 I have found that applications which exist in and function from the Applications menu are not necessarily offered in the Nautilus "Open with other application" list. The two I have particularly noticed are the "display" part of Imagemagick, which isn't offered for .jpg files, and "xfig" which isn't offered for .fig files. These don't even appear in the last-ditch "Show other Applications" window.

    I cannot remember this being the case in previous versions of Ubuntu (though I have not worked through every version during my career).

    When apt-get or Synaptic or SoftwareCenter installs an application, is it supposed to register the application as a candidate for opening particular types of files?

    I note that the, in my opinion, redundant "File type" column in Nautilus even describes a .fig file as "XFIG Image". It's almost there, but not quite.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Should installation trigger association


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