April, a French advocacy group on free software, is approaching the members in the French Parliament to get them to select Ubuntu for their office PCs. French MPs are able to choose between using either this free and open source operating system or a proprietary operating system.

The group is asking its members and volunteers to contact French MPs and to explain them the importance of choosing Ubuntu over the proprietary system. "The main goal is to make them aware of the political and ethical consequences of their choice", explains Jeanne Tadeusz, April's Public Affairs Officer.

According to Tadeusz, support for Ubuntu is not on par with the support for the proprietary alternative. "There are a few issues. Most importantly, there is no support at the moment for using a regular email client, so MPs using Ubuntu are forced to use webmail."

At least one MP has already made known to choose Ubuntu, Henri Emmanuelli, member of the Socialist Party, says mrs Tadeusz

The action is a follow-up to April's campaign to get candidates participating in the French parliamentary elections to pledge support for free software. This year, April managed to get 466 candidates to sign the 'Free Software Pact'. Of these candidates, 42 are now Members of Parliament.

Ubuntu was the default operating system on all the PCs in the French Parliament between 2007 and 2012. The option to choose between open source and proprietary OS is for the current five year period.