I recently purchased and received a brand new System76 Lemur Ultra (lemu4) with Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Long Term Service pre-installed. I downloaded and I installed BitDefender for Unices Free with a free 1 year license key. I also purchased BitDefender Total Security 2013 for my Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 in my Oracle VM Virtualbox guest virtual machine. BitDefender is an excellent software security product. The initial scans do take time to complete, but subsequent scans are very much faster. It has the best detection rates and it has the best disinfection rates. I have detected small malware samples on both Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit and BitDefender cleaned out everything. Neither consume a lot of PC hardware resources so they are light weight. They have a minimal impact on PC speed and performance. I am glad that I switched to BitDefender and I highly recommend that others take a look into their products and services.

This is solved.