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Thread: FreeCAD install from repositories unstable (32bit).

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    FreeCAD install from repositories unstable (32bit).

    I've been trying to use FreeCAD and haven't been able to get anywhere. I'm literally only able to start a new file. I can't save, I can't draw anything... nothing, without crashing. I've reinstalled multiple times, and the best I've gotten is to get the program to not crash, but it's still unable to save files or even draw lines. I could auto-make features (i.e. cubes) but not change any of their parameters.

    Any recommendations on how I should dump info on this and are there any ideas on why it's so unstable for me?

    Currently using 10.04 (32 bit)

    Current install is stable-ish (still crashes sometimes) and can save. I still cannot draw anything, and can only produce pre-made features, without editing them.
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    Re: FreeCAD install from repositories unstable (32bit).


    I'm rather late to answer, hoping you were able to solve your problems. But just to say, this is very atypical with FreeCAD. Although it's prone to the occasional crash, it should not crash as much.

    If you have not done so, I recommend you register to Sourceforge and post in the official FreeCAD forum, you will get help there.

    By the way version 0.13 should be released in the coming weeks, and will have a lot of new features.

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