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Thread: How to fix low resolution with xorg.conf

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    Wink How to fix low resolution with xorg.conf

    I just got my dual screen set up in ubuntu using an nvidia GeForce 8400 GS video card. The nice thing is that it worked as an extended desktop right away. But the resolutions available are wrong. They are not as high as the monitor can go (1440x900), and they are not the right aspect ratio either.

    I didn't have any luck adding new modes with xrandr commands. It would refuse them as if my hardware wouldn't support modelines for higher res.

    Anyway, I'd rather achieve this by editing xorg.conf so the change will persist. I've tried about a dozen permutations of xorg.conf files based on examples around the net, but they almost all cause the screen to go black on booting up.

    Could someone have a look at this xorg.conf file and tell me what I might be doing wrong? Note, if I take out the lines that start with "Modeline..." and "Modes..." it doesn't cause the black screen, but of course doesn't help with the monitor resolution prob.

         Section "Device"
            Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
            Driver          "nvidia"
    Section "Monitor"
            Modeline        "1440x900@75" 136.75  1440 1536 1688 1936  900 903 909 942
            Identifier      "Configured Monitor"
    Section "Screen"
            Identifier      "Default Screen"
            Monitor         "Configured Monitor"
            Device          "Configured Video Device"
            SubSection "Display"
                    Modes "1440x900@75"
    Many thanks!

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    Re: How to fix low resolution with xorg.conf

    it's been a long time since ive had an Nvidia card but i recall being able to change the resolution with the nvidia xserver settings app.
    If only I could grep life.......

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