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Thread: Problems with Additional drivers and Installing graphic drivers

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    Question Problems with Additional drivers and Installing graphic drivers

    I have problems with installing NVIDIA graphic drivers and Additional drivers.
    I had tried to upgrade graphic drivers because current version have bug ,glitches and weird screen effects on some programs.
    When i tried to upgrade current version with graphic drivers from NVIDIA, came message in which was written that i cant upgrade graphic drivers because of X server.After i disable X server , came message that i need to remove Nouveau drivers.
    I followed procedure from and i even tried to blacklist that driver on startup,but same message occur when i tried again.
    I looked on web that i can turn off Nouveau using Additional drivers but they wont work.Window of it only loads and shut down itself.
    Since i removed Nouveau drivers i have weird bug on System settings where mouse pointer disappears each time when i mouse hover on one of icon on it.
    Im using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS .

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    Re: Problems with Additional drivers and Installing graphic drivers

    What video card or chip do you have? When you install 12.04 with nvidia video card or chip it usually automatically installs nvidia-current during installation. The x-swat repository can be added if you need most recent nvidia drivers. However, I would not know what to do if you have older nvidia hardware that the current drivers do not support.

    The only thing I needed to do to install with GTX 550 Ti was enable nomodeset kernel parameter to boot to a live/install system. But once nvidia-current was automatically installed during installation, I did not need any boot parameters for the installed system and everything works fine.
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    Re: Problems with Additional drivers and Installing graphic drivers

    Hi!, MrDuki,

    From your description you need to clear out the nvidia drivers and start again.

    Please Post:
     lspci -nnk | grep  -iA3 VGA
    sudo apt-cache policy nvidia-current 
    cat /sys/module/nvidia/version 
    /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p
    Chao!, bogan.
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