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Thread: Creative X-FI 5.1 USB support

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    Re: Creative X-FI 5.1 USB support

    I am trying to use the card for recording stuff with audacity.
    cannot either get it to record or play sound.

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    Re: Creative X-FI 5.1 USB support

    the $HOME/.lircrc file contains a lot of references to

    doing a simple search&replace with the appropriate username got me a working remote...

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    Re: Creative X-FI 5.1 USB support

    I've tried many things... including your solution but...

    when I start irw... it doesn't have any output and it kills lirc...

    I'm not sure what am I doing wrong

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    Re: Creative X-FI 5.1 USB support

    Quote Originally Posted by netikras View Post
    * preloads alsa modules required for the soundcard
    (so that pulseaudio can use all 6 channels instead of stereo-mode)
    * trigers some events after the device is plugged in
    (launches daemons used by remote-control; restarts pulseaudio server (I'm looking forward to fix this in the future))
    * completely supports remote control RM-820 (all the buttons + knob-events).
    If you want to edit remote control config, take a look at the ~/.lircrc file.

    I created it using ubuntu 12.04 so it should work if you're using it as well. It MAY work on some previous versions of ubuntu. I have not tested yet (and probably will not).
    This has been very useful to me. I'm running Ubuntu server 12.04 with no GUI and previously couldn't get anything to show up in aplay -L. Now I can see all the PCMs and some extra stuff. What I can't understand is how to get a useable mixer? Amixer etc. reports nothing. I've corrected the entries in .licrc but can't really tell if anything's working as I can't see or get a mixer to run.

    If I'm using the output PCM surround51ro and input hwro,0 then does it use PulseAudio at all? I just can't tell what the hell is going on.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated because I'm extremely confused right now.


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