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Thread: freezes can't boot from pen drive

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    freezes can't boot from pen drive

    Hey guys, I can't seem to boot into xubuntu from a pen drive, even on my first time to explore the os. It hangs everytime at the loading screen.

    Info on my system:
    Ubuntu 12.04 full install
    AMD Mobile 64 processor
    1 GB ram (i hope, possibly only 512MB)

    It's a really old laptop I use to play around with linux.
    Ubuntu works and is installed, but it's too much for my old computer I think. That's why I wanted to try Xubuntu, but it keeps freezing.
    I also tried Lubuntu, but it didn't work either although puppy linux did, i just didn't like it.

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    Re: freezes can't boot from pen drive

    What is the make/model of the laptop and what video card does it have? Maybe you need to boot with a specific kernel parameter (e.g. nomodeset).

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    Re: freezes can't boot from pen drive

    hey thanks for the help, I managed to solve the problem. Since I already had ubuntu installed I found out I could install the Xubuntu desktop environment from within ubuntu.

    I opened terminal and typed
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

    now I can login to xubuntu or ubuntu at the ubuntu login screen or switch between them after logging out. I'm happy I found this out, cause I can now use xubuntu and ubuntu.


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