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Thread: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

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    Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Do you get the same behaviour when the stick is plugged in before you boot the PC?

    My dvb stick (not the same one) needs to be plugged in before boot to activate properly.....

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    Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Yes Merrattic, it's the same behavior.

    After a while tuning in, the distortions begin.

    What I find odd is that in the beginning there are practically none.

    But as the time goes, they become more and more apparent and disturbing.

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    Question Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Quote Originally Posted by BicyclerBoy View Post
    Rem: it was a long shot..
    The actual module options will be viewable in the /proc filesystem (somewhere)..

    To see the possible options (not actual in use):
    modinfo dvb-usb

    With the card tuned in one terminal with another terminal & run
    ffplay -f v4l2 -i /dev/video0
    cat /dev/video0 > sample.mpg
    and then play file with VLC or mplayer.
    Hello BicyclerBoy.

    I have been busy with this issue, so I've googled around and found an utility for checking out kernel modules called systools (which is available on the sysfsutils package for our Ubuntu).

    Well I've issued

    systool -v -m dvb_usb | less
    after having installed that sysfsutils package and I got this

    Module = "dvb_usb"
        initstate           = "live"
        refcnt              = "1"
        srcversion          = "C87BB12D300C227ECC94997"
        uevent              = <store method only>
        version             = "1.0"
        debug               = "0"
        disable_rc_polling  = "1"
        force_pid_filter_usage= "0"
        .bss                = "0x0000000000000000"
        .gnu.linkonce.this_module= "0x0000000000000000"  = "0x0000000000000000"
        .rodata             = "0x0000000000000000"
        .rodata.str1.1      = "0x0000000000000000"
        .rodata.str1.8      = "0x0000000000000000"
        .smp_locks          = "0x0000000000000000"
        .strtab             = "0x0000000000000000"
        .symtab             = "0x0000000000000000"
        .text               = "0x0000000000000000"
        __kcrctab           = "0x0000000000000000"
        __ksymtab           = "0x0000000000000000"
        __ksymtab_strings   = "0x0000000000000000"
        __mcount_loc        = "0x0000000000000000"
        __param             = "0x0000000000000000"
    Does this mean that the rc polling option is set?

    I also found out that there is another module for handling dvb_usb on my particular hardware setting (and I am not so sure if that module should be the one to tweak for the rc polling) which is dvb_usb_dib0700

    I am going to check what settings are there to be set on that module with your suggested modinfo command and if there is one available for rc polling. Maybe it's on this module that this setting must be made. What do you think?

    You may ask why am I doing this assumption, well it's because on the above section from the dvb_usb module, the field __param has a zero value which makes think that the option for rc polling was not entirely accepted).


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    Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Looks like it is set..

    Can check here as well:
    cat /sys/module/dvb_usb/parameters/disable_rc_polling

    ls -al /sys/module/dvb_usb_dib0700/parameters/

    This could be the complete list ?? else look into the source code.

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    Post Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Hello BicyclerBoy;

    Thank-you once more for all your help.

    Will check-out those hints and then I'll report back.


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    Question Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?


    I've took a break from this project.

    That is why it has taken me so long to post this update.

    Also I have decided to try out another device.

    The device is an AVerTV Volar Green HD, and its ID is 07ca:a835

    It doesn't have support yet but with a little googling I've found out instructions on how to make it work:

    So now one of the most important stages of my project is covered out.

    I am still looking for a solution for the Asus device that I had... but that must be postponed.

    For the project to be completed I think that maybe I should seek help on some other subforum because it is related to networking.

    The purpose of all this endeavor is to stream dvb on local network. I can confirm that streaming from server works but up to a certain point.

    If I use vlc as a server software, and stream for instance one dvb channel with http settings, I sucessfully tune to it on the client pc at another address on the lan.

    But, if I use some other protocol, for instance "rtp/mpeg ts" and stream it to some multicast address, I can only get distortions on the client side.

    I think that my router can handle IGMP. But I am not absolutely sure that it is set correctly.

    So... That's about it! I am stuck...

    Thanks for any pointers!

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    Re: Why dvb card works smoothly in Windows and not in Ubuntu 12.04?

    I have the same problem on my Ubuntu 12.04 (had it also on 11.04 and 11.10). I think it's related to a lack of packets in a system or something like that. I was working with it and the system was starting up successfully. I can't remember what kind of small things I did, and suddenly I have this problem and my ubuntu desktop can't run. The X server is stopping and the console is coming up. Need to login with the pass, and then when I run "startx" it shows desktop but without gnome-panel (only icons are visible) and any title bars on windows. Hmm... weird... Do not know what to do with it. When this message shows up while starting ubuntu: "dib0700: stk7700ph_xc3028_callback: unknown command 2, arg 0" I can't do anything. It's full of rows from up to down the screen and it lasts about 5/6 seconds and then stops. But to login in the same console terminal (tty1) I need to press ALT+F2 for a while and then press ALT+F1 again, to come back to the previous terminal to see login and pass options. While booting it just shows all the messages, then messages disappear and... I should see login and pass screen (lightdm) but... it comes back to the console with another messages and then.... this message from up to down... eh : /

    What this would be? I have "firmware non-free" installed (it's in the ppa / installing by Synaptic). Maybe I did something wrong and some of the packages cannot live without other ones? Cause earlier even if this problem with "dib0700: stk...." was, I could normally run the system. Now I can't...

    Any suggestions? Maybe I should reinstall some packages like Xorg server or ubuntu-desktop metapackage?...

    My system: Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 with Lightdm desktop environment. Hmm.. Could it be related to that I have Gnome Fallback and Mate installed on this system together? It can interfere with themselves... anyway how to solve the problem with this line of Dib0700?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


    Edit: Ok, the problem that I couldn't see lightdm was that I removed "unity-greeter" package (found it out in lightdm logs), doesn't matter Im using Gnome Fallback though... (weird..) But the problem with dib0700 persists..
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