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Thread: Conky does not print MPD information

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    Question Conky does not print MPD information

    I wasn't sure if this was "Audio & Multimedia" enough to post there so I am asking here instead. Apologies if this is incorrect.

    My problem is that conky will not display the information it receives from Music Player Daemon. I know the server is functioning as ncmpcpp, mpc, telnet, and netcat can all reach it and run commands against it without issue. I know conky is at least attempting communication with MPD as I can see them talking on lo interface via tcpdump. Here are the basic facts of my issue and environment:

    • I am running MPD locally. (not via service/init.d) It is executed by slim via my .xinitrc
    • I am running conky-cli package, version 1.8.0 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 (conky-std refuses to print to stdout despite repeated attempts; but that's another story)
    • MPD is definitely running and responding fine to a multitude of other applications
    • I have tried both with and without setting MPD_* env variables
    • I can see two-way traffic between conky and MPD over port 6600 and I have attached the packet capture to this post.

    Here is a lsb_release -a:
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID:    Ubuntu
    Description:    Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
    Release:    10.04
    Codename:    lucid
    Here is the output I receive from conky:
    jenic@Dracarys ~ %conky -DDDc .conkt
    DEBUG(1) [../../src/core.c:1217]: no templates to replace
    (null) [0%]  UTC 2012-07-16 06:17:45
    Here is the .conkt config file:

    out_to_console yes
    background no
    total_run_times 1
    no_buffers yes
    uppercase no
    mpd_host localhost
    mpd_port 6600
    $mpd_status$mpd_smart [${mpd_percent}%]  UTC $utime
    I have also tried this:
    $mpd_artist [${mpd_percent}%]  UTC $utime
    Here is a conky -v and mpd --version:
    Conky 1.8.0 compiled Fri Apr 23 10:41:59 UTC 2010 for Linux 2.6.24-27-server (x86_64)
    Compiled in features:
    System config file: /etc/conky/conky.conf
    Package library path: /usr/lib/conky
     Music detection:
      * MPD
      * MOC
      * math
      * config-output
      * apcupsd
      * iostats
      * ncurses
    mpd (MPD: Music Player Daemon) 0.15.4
    And here is MPD config (with comments removed):
    music_directory        "/home/jenic/Music"
    playlist_directory        "/home/jenic/.mpd/playlists"
    db_file            "/home/jenic/.mpd/mpd.db"
    log_file            "/home/jenic/.mpd/mpd.log"
    pid_file            "/home/jenic/.mpd/"
    state_file            "/home/jenic/.mpd/mpdstate"
    bind_to_address        "localhost"
    metadata_to_use    "artist,album,title,track,name,genre,date,composer,performer,disc,comment"
    input {
            plugin "curl"
    audio_output {
        type        "pulse"
        name        "MPD"
    max_connections        "5"
    filesystem_charset        "UTF-8"
    id3v1_encoding            "UTF-8"
    Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it? I'm trying to avoid anything major like recompiling conky. Right now I am using conky's exec tag to call mpc. This workaround works but I'd rather use pure conky mainly for the "mpd_smart" tag but also so I can remove mpc. (I additionally don't like seeing my netstat full of time_wait connections between mpc and mpd but that is just a pet peeve of mine)

    Please let me know if I've forgotten to include any information.
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