I'm trying to run this screensaver through Wine, but I'm having troubles. When I try to run it through Terminal, I get this:
alex@kubuntu:~/Bad Apple screensaver$ wine *.scr
err:menubuilder:init_xdg error looking up the desktop directory
wine: Install Mono 2.8 or greater for Windows to run .NET 4.0 applications.
This actually happens with any program that is a .NET 4.0 application. I tried installing Mono 2.8 using Winetricks but when I select it to install I get an error message saying "dotnet40 does not yet fully work or install on wine. Caveat emptor". It then opened ~/.cache/winetricks/dotnet40 in Dolphin and opened http://www.mediafire.com/?v8rw5h1ra7maod4 in Chromium, and told me "Please download gacutil-net40.tar.bz2 from http://www.mediafire.com/?v8rw5h1ra7maod4, place it in /home/alex/.cache/winetricks/dotnet40, then re-run this script". After I finished all the instructions and the .NET 4.0 installer ran, it said I already had that or a newer version installed! So why do no .NET 4.0 applications run? I'm pretty sure they ran on my previous install (Kubuntu 11.10, now I'm using 12.04)... Can anyone help with this? There are so many programs that aren't working for me because of this error.