I've done your sig6 samba config and STILL I can't get Dolphin to get past smb:/WORKGROUP/ without asking for authorization (user/password).

In Linux Mint Helena KDE4.2 it all works great.
'findsmb' works fine and sees our entire network. (small LAN about a dozen machines)

But in Sidux 2009-04(dual-boot on same machine) samba just won't cooperate. findsmb finds nothing! (nmblookup seems to NOT be installed, but I can't figure out why not) samba, smbclient, smbfs, winbind are all installed.

If I use the IP to one of our servers e.g. smb:/ I get all the directories and have complete access, no questions asked. But smb:/workgroup/ asks for authorization and won't let me in even with root/password of the server!

Any hints?

Keith C.