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Just saying, DRM isn't meant to add value. It's supposed to make the games more worthwhile for publishers.

But I agree. DRM is horrid, especially when it's over the top. Take EA. Their love affair with SecuROM used to be quite distasteful, and you won't ever catch me buying one of their games again.

I think Steam has it relatively just right. It stops me from copying my games for other people, and that's about it. I can play is online, offline, and I can move it around on a harddrive if I have to. So I'm not so bothered about Steam's DRM.

Valve, you've done something right again.
I am hooked on the SimCity series, and have been for god knows how long. I hope they continue to release games on Steam-I will literally wait a year if it takes that long to publish it there, where the DRM is a 3 step process (1. login, 2. purchase/download, 3. stay up all night playing until you collapse from exhaustion).