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Thread: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

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    Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    Update: Don't know that the heck happened but Flash is working in Firefox32 after all. I was probably stupid enough to try it in the 64bit version . But Java still doesn't work, more on that later.
    First I'd like to ask one thing: I forgot that I installed Swiftweasel32 too so should I use it instead of the Firefox32 and how do I install the Java into it in that case. Will all these browsers conflict each other in any way or is it safe to leave them all installed?

    About the Java, I managed to get up to here:
    cp -r -p ./jre1.6.0_02/* /usr/local/java32
    and then I get
    cp: cannot stat `./jre1.6.0_02/*': No such file or directory
    Also, in the line above in the Howto when you say that something should be extracted and that I need to accept EULA...I don't get any of that.

    EDIT: Dang it, now some pages won't open, I can't download and Firefox freezes. What could be the problem?
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