I have MeTv working on the latest Ubuntu desktop.
I have a satellite dish and view FREESAT channels. (My main TV finds all the chanels)
When I scan for chanels BBC2,3 & 4 are missing from the list. I get all the ITV chanels and many more but BBC2 is needed.
The scan window shows "Device" Conexant CX24123/cx24109
and I am using the file usr/share/dvb/dvb-s Astra-28.2E (3.9kb 24/05/12)
I live close to London, UK

Am I using the wrong file to scan for chanels? Alternatively is there another TV prog I could use? I looked at Kaffeine but this shows "no available device found" and MythTV might as well be in "Chinese"!

Any sugestions please?