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Thread: Rhythmbox won't play from daap share

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    Rhythmbox won't play from daap share

    I've setup a daap share using forked-daapd. I can successfully stream music to all the phones in my house using a simple android app.

    The problem I have is that my laptops running 12.04, either can't connect or won't play music from the daap share.

    I've tried both Rhythmbox, where I can see the music but it won't play, and Banshee, that just refuses to connect to the share.

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    Re: Rhythmbox won't play from daap share


    I'm also having a similar issue. This has been occurring on multiple machines of mine, across multiple versions of Ubuntu (10.04 through 12.04) and different media players (Amarok, Rhythmbox). They both complain that a required plugin could not be found and then crash. *Note that they can both view the contents of the DAAP without incident, it only occurs upon a playback attempt.
    The error message is:
    "Required plugin could not be found
    Python (v2.7) requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: text/html decoder"

    I have done some extensive googling and have come up with a few websites that either suggest that the streaming service has an incorrectly formatted website, that the person attempting to stream is attempting to stream a 'website' and not a stream, and the last one which I have tried to no avail, was to completely purge and reinstall the gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg packages. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked.

    If anyone has any further information or can offer a solution, I'd be eternally grateful.

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    Re: Rhythmbox won't play from daap share

    Forked daap doesn't seem to work properly with most of Linux media players. Also it doesn't seem to be actively maintained any more.

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