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Thread: Linux high availability

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    Question Linux high availability

    Hi There

    I am new to Linux high availability and would like to have a setup that keeps my severs up 99.999% of the time.

    This will be servers that will be running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server with Apache and PostgresSQL as the database.

    I did some reading under the Linux-HA (heartbeat) project but it seems a bit out dated? So I saw a post that said that I should rather use Corrosync as the heartbeat messaging layer.

    Is corrosync the answer to use with pacemaker on Ubuntu 12.04?

    I am not entirely sure how all the dots connect so here is how I understand it:

    To setup a High availability server I need.

    Messaging layer

    * Heartbeat OR corosync


    * Pacemaker
    Not sure what openAIS is

    data sharing

    * DRBD or some kind of NFS share that syncs. I know rsync is not the best solution for this.

    So basically what I what is one IP that switches between 2 - 4 + nodes if the main server fails ( IP failover), The servers must load balance, I DO NOT want to use external storage like SAN and NAS devices ( local storage that is on RAID), Needs to run on Uuntu 12.04 server.

    Most documentations is only RHEL and fedora. I need it for Ubuntu

    Please help me,

    I thank you in advance.

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    Re: Linux high availability

    This article may give you some pointers:

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    Re: Linux high availability

    Thank you. Will give feedback when I get stuck

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