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Thread: Mouse clicks not working? (LAPTOP)

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    Exclamation Mouse clicks not working? (LAPTOP)

    So i know almost nothing about ubuntu im a mac and windows guy. I installed this on an older laptop and it works and looks great except the mouse buttons. When i boot it up from a cold start, everything works fine...but when i wake it up from being suspended, i cant click on anything except the desktop items (icons, toolbar, etc.). When i open an application, firefox for example, i cant use the mouse on it at all, i cant close the application, or click any links. I have the newest version installed along with all the latest updates.

    Neither the mouse buttons or touch pad work, only navigation.

    Toshiba Satellite

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    Re: Mouse clicks not working? (LAPTOP)

    I have EXACTLY the same problem, and no idea how to troubleshoot. I am running Precise Pangolin on Lenovo x220 tablet.

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