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Thread: Boot Menu for iMac is Empty After Installing Ubuntu

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    Boot Menu for iMac is Empty After Installing Ubuntu

    Hello everyone,

    A few days ago, I completely wiped my 27in iMac using the Disk Utility and filled the Terabyte with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS through USB. After using Ubuntu, I decided I wanted to reinstall MacOSX alongside it (perhaps at 200 GB). However, now when I activate the boot menu (alt) to boot from the MacOSX install disc, the Menu comes up EMPTY! Literally; all I get is a blank white screen, without even the Ubuntu HardDrive showing up. Holding the C key brings up Debian, and then Ubuntu boots like nothing happened. I feel a little bit hostage to Ubuntu since my Boot Menu is gone. Is there any way to force-boot from the disc from the Ubuntu OS? It seems that it's my only option, even though Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize the disc while it's running as well.

    Derp 0_o
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    Alright, let me change my question a bit. I'm kinda new to Ubuntu, and I just discovered Grub from booting (ESC key). Since I erased MacOSX, it seems the Mac boot menu is gone for good. However, the USB with a different version of Ubuntu that I need does not show up on the Grub list. I see: Ubuntu, Recovery Mode, Previous Versions, and Memory Check. How can I boot from a USB if I have a full Ubuntu install? I can only find tutorials online explaining how to make a USB bootable with Ubuntu, but I just want to boot from the USB to reinstall the system itself. This is kind of a big deal to me as if I don't get a clear answer, I'll keep trying and messing up until I have to buy a new harddrive.

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