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Thread: CMOS and /home errors

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    CMOS and /home errors

    The first time i boot up my PC i have to press the start button in combination with the Reset button 5-6 times then my PC boots up.

    Then it tells me its a CMOS error. I read that happens if the CMOS battery is an old one.

    But since two days the see this error while Ubuntu is booting up:
    "errors found while checking disk drive for home
    Press F to fix it, I to ignore, S to skip, M to manually fix"

    I have read couple of threads here and on other sites but i dont understand a word of why i have two issues at the same time.

    I would like to give couple of screenshots. It may help you in understanding my issues.

    After i installed a clean 12.04 OS i am facing this issues.
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    Re: CMOS and /home errors

    Well, they're almost certainly separate issues.

    About the BIOS battery: if you read that it is an issue with old batteries, then I would get a new battery. I recall them being quite cheap...

    About the /home partition:

    That error usually (in my limited experience) means the disk/partition is failing. Backup your stuff, and then investigate further. You could try viewing the SMART data on the disk, or running a disk check from the "Disk Utility" program.

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    Re: CMOS and /home errors

    I don't know my PC won't boot. Add to that my Home directory is encrypted. There are not many Linux geeks to help
    So much precious data at stake. My HDD is 4yrs old.
    Thanks for your words. Will update if anything comes up.

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